From each painstakingly programmed drum break, Rust performs for his greatest idol, the college drop-out turned Nobel worthy urbanist/economist – the late Jane Jacobs.

The Death and Life of Jane Jacobs
by Mr. Rust

Finally a instrumental hip hop album with the optimism of the early days of the genre recaptured. 

Continuing on the musical journey he began last year with What's the Word, Rust continues is love affair with boom-bap style hip hop. 

From the smooth kick-snare slaps and piano riffs on the opening track to the sharp trumpet shouts over nu-jazz on the final, Rust sticks to jazz, hip hop and groove. 

Even more pronounced are his signature vocal chops, dropping all over the album in chants that will surely cause your head to nod. 

Mr. Rust shows that he is confident as a producer treading his own direction. Both adhering to tradition without riding the coattails of the greats that we see so much of today. 

The Life and Death isn't just Rust's greatest collection yet, but also a nod to the city, and it's greatest' champion – Mrs. Jacobs.



released May 17, 2015

All composition, mixing and mastering by Mr. Rust with the exception of track 10 which features Styrmonix on trumpet.